Solar CyberMir platform has been developed to

Test the skills of cybersecurity specialists

Conduct cyber exercises of various types to check readiness to repel cyber attacks

Develop the competencies of the cybersecurity team

Build a continuous process of team training in monitoring and response skills

Test the performance of information security products and solutions

Check the operation of in-house information security solutions by experimenting with their settings

Conduct researches

Analyze the security of the company's application software

Examine the operation of the company's processes

Test incident response plans and assess team cohesion

Verify the level of competencies beforehand of hiring

Determine the level of practical skills and knowledge of potential candidates

Solar CyberMir platform-based services

Cyber exercises are conducted on the cloud-based version of the Solar CyberMir platform at the Solar Cyber Range

Various types of cyber exercises to test the practical skills of information security specialists

  • Practical cyber exercises with ready-made scenarios

  • Command and staff training to verify plans for responding to cyberincidents

  • Custom cyber exercises with a pre-agreed information security solutions, infrastructure and scenarios

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On-premise version of the Solar CyberMir platform is the basis for cyber ranges design and implementation

Building own turnkey cyber range for regular knowledge testing, building a process of continuous training of cybersecurity specialists and testing of information security solutions at the in-house lab.

Configuration options

  • The use of standard industry infrastructures, as close as possible to real ones

  • Creation of digital twins with the ability to fully replicate the company’s infrastructure

Practical training is conducted on the cloud-based version of the Solar CyberMir platform

A full cycle skills development program for specialists of any competence level to effectively manage incidents and prevent losses from cyberattacks.

Formats of skills development programs

  • Comprehensive education program to improve skills of cybersecurity team

  • Modular educational cyber-intensive to gain key information security knowledge and skills

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Solar CyberMir features

Participant's personal account

Personal account of the participant with a calendar of events, with information on results and achievements within the cyber exercises completed, both personal and team

Automatic processing and evaluation of cyber exercises results

Automatic scoring of participant reports with task completion ratings. Uploading a report with information about the details of the event, including data on the techniques and attack vectors used, and participants skills assessment.

Creating attack scenarios and their automatic playback

Constant updating of scenarios and enriching the platform with new techniques and attacks, the ability to create scenarios of training attacks using a visual designer

Visualization the progression of training cyber attacks

Visualization of training attack stages on the network topology of virtual infrastructures, as well as visualization of the physical consequences of cyber attacks on a 3D layout

Access to virtual desktops via the web interface

Connection to virtual desktops without downloading specialized software and the opportunity for trainers to observe the actions of participants through a web interface

Solar CyberMir use cases



It is required to compare information technology products to select the most compatible with existing systems, conduct pilot implementations and test the information security solutions that the team actually works with.


Testing the installed information security tools (or their interaction with other security tools, technological systems, etc.) in a realistic environment, as well as checking their operation during the simulation of possible attacks on the enterprise.



As cyber attacks become more precise and complex, it is necessary to get an objective picture of the potential cyber attack impact on the enterprise and to prepare in advance for its reflection, to think through response measures.


Establishment of a research laboratory within the cyber range for risk identification and comprehensive analysis of potential cyber-physical consequences - identifying the most critical processes, information systems and technological equipment, as well as assessing the performance of superimposed and integrated information security measures.



It is required to improve the skills of a large number of comnany’s employees, to improve cross-functional interaction between employees of various structural divisions within the repelling computer attacks framework.


Conducting regular cyber exercises in a realistic environment to develop the employees skills, the ability to simulate on a cyber range those situations that the company's specialists may encounter in reality.

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