organized by Solar Group in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

The largest online competition to test cyber resilience and share experiences internationally

The Cyberсhampionship will be held in two stages as a part of the Digital Industry of Industrial Russia Conference 2024

  • Qualifying stage - May 15, 2024, online

  • Final stage - May 22, 2024, online

The event is held for the third year in a row on the basis of Solar Cybermir platform


Opportunity to gain unique practical experience

Improving skills

Training to repel attacks in conditions as close to real life as possible


Developing team work in responding to state-scale cyber attacks


Application of international practices on repelling state-level cyber-attacks

Developing an international community of cybersecurity experts


countries are invited to participate

  • Information security professionals from key industries

  • Representatives of the largest Security Operations Centers (SOC)

  • Employees of Cyber Incident Response Teams (CIRTs)

Procedure of the Cyberchampionship

Cyberchampionship scenario

A hacker group intends to destabilize the socio-economic situation and spread panic. To that end, several massive attacks are planned against critical infrastructure.

Teams of top cybersecurity experts will have to battle it out and compete for the title of champion.

Qualifying stage

Online May 15, 2024

Each team's infrastructure will be subjected to several successive massive attacks, and points will be awarded for repelling them, as well as investigating and reporting the incidents.

Five teams with the most points will be proceed to the finals of the Cyberchampionship.

Final stage

Online May 22, 2024

Five teams will battle each other and score points for effectively protecting their infrastructure.

The winner will be the team with the most points for the final stage.

Terms of participation


3 to 5 people in a team


Staff of cyber incident response teams


Submit an application for participation in the Cyberchampionship on the website by April 24


What is the minimum number of participants in a team?

The minimum is 3 people in 1 team, maximum is 5 people

How many teams from one organization can participate in the Cyberchampionship?

Standard rules propose 1 team for 1 organization

Can freelancers who do not represent specific organizations participate in the Cyberchampionship?

No, only representatives of organizations can participate in the Cyberchampionship

Can a team consist of representatives from different organizations?

Yes, the team may include employees from different companies, but each team can represent only one specific organization

What software will be used during the Cyberchampionship?

The infrastructure is deployed on Linux and Windows OS. We will provide you more information about the software at the briefing before the qualifying stage

Is it possible to participate in the Cyberchampionship anonymously?

If you do not want to disclose the name of your organization, Please let us know if you do not want to disclose the name of your organization.

Is there a meeting of the organizers and participants before the Cyberchampionship?

A few days before the event, a series of online briefings will be organized, during which the organizers will provide participants with additional information about the Cyberchampionship and familiarize them with the details of the functioning and configuration of the ISS pre-installed in the infrastructures.

Is it planned to distribute materials to the participants of the Cyberchampionship, according to which they will be able to familiarize themselves in detail with the conditions and procedure for its holding?

Prior to the start of the qualifying stage, the organizer will send all necessary information to the participants of the Cyberchampionship, including the Participant's Guide.

Are there any requirements for the knowledge and skills of the participants in the Cyberchampionship?

The following requirements are imposed on the participants of the Cyberchampionship:

  • Understanding the basic principles of information security
  • Having skills in monitoring, investigating and countering cyber attacks
  • Knowledge of the principles of working with CERT
  • Ability to work with ISSs of the following classes:
    • NGFW
    • Endpoint Security
    • IDS/IPS
    • SIEM
  • We also recommend to study NIST SP 800-61 Rev. 2 "Computer Security Incident Handling Guide".
What is the deadline for accepting applications for participation in the Cyberchampionship?

Applications for participation are accepted by April 24

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